International Martial Arts Center Reviews

International Martial Arts Center Paul Alois

Totally amazing martial arts school. Everyone trains really hard but also has a lot of fun. People are nice and supportive of each other, and Master Hahn creates the ideal atmosphere for learning. I have benefited so much from training at this school over the last few years - I recommend that anyone with an interest in martial arts stop by for a trial class.

Paul Alois

International Martial Arts Center Steve

IMAC is a great place to improve one's physical conditioning and self-discipline in a relaxed and enjoyable environment


International Martial Arts Center Cindy

More than an amazing physical workout, I've found a means to understand my body, my mind, and the nature of spiritual evolution.


International Martial Arts Center Robin

TKD has changed the way my body and soul behave. I have learned things that I thought were impossible too with my arms, legs, hands, and mind. I became attached to all the people.


International Martial Arts Center Cara

The instructors are wonderful. They have amazing skills and talent and are always there to help with patience and understanding and great senses of humor.


International Martial Arts Center Christine

The teaching process here is encouraged so strongly by the teachers that it is always interesting and fun. We have a great group.


International Martial Arts Center Heidi

Tae Kwon Do at International Martial Arts Center has provided me with a sense of inner peace and tranquility at the end of, often stressful workdays.


International Martial Arts Center Stephanya

Thank you for the inner peace.


International Martial Arts Center Bernard

My health and physical condition have improved tremendously. At age 43 I feel (and look) like 23.


International Martial Arts Center Audrey

Training at IMAC has been an extremely rewarding experience - both physically and spiritually.


International Martial Arts Center Jeremy

Learning the martial arts has given me a sense of patience, self-control and physical power. I have more control over my life than before starting to train, and a lifetime to improve and excel in the art of myself.


International Martial Arts Center Cindy

This school for me is an amazing and encouraging place to learn "The Way" of a true martial artist.


International Martial Arts Center M.R.

Improve your mind and body. Protect yourself. Grow your inner strength.

I have been training at IMAC since June, and previously taken Tae Kwon Do about 14 years prior. Some of the techniques are formed in my memory, but the International Martial Arts Center is unique amongst organizations which teach the martial arts. Not only does IMAC unify different styles of martial arts and teach them in accordance with each student's strengths, IMAC also provides a space where every student is given individual attention and taught respect, integrity, and humility through innovative practice and positive performance evaluations.

If I'm performing a technique in an ineffective way, one of the teachers, higher ranks, or Grand Master Hahn himself, will come over and show me how it is done correctly. With patience and sincere desire to help me improve. There is no individual competitive drive, just a unified effort for excellence!

At IMAC I have been learning Tae Kwon Do as the main art but incorporating techniques from other Asian arts, such as Hapkido and Chi (meditation), to develop a complete martial art system.

IMAC gives me confidence that I will be able to protect myself should I need to, the ability to get a great workout, and a place to clear my mind.


International Martial Arts Center Don S

My partner and several friends are current or former students at IMAC. I really like the camaraderie of the students and teachers, and Master Hahn is very friendly and helpful. Their curriculum is well balanced and thorough.

Don S

International Martial Arts Center Lauren E

I have been training at IMAC for about five months and now that I'm moving away from the city, it will be one of the things I miss most. I took martial arts a little bit in high school but I was basically a beginner when I started here, and what a great place to train. The community there is superb: everyone is extremely helpful and supportive, you get an awesome workout, and Master Hahn is an amazing instructor. I only hope that once I move I'll be able to find a place that measures up!

Lauren E

International Martial Arts Center David G

I consider this martial arts school to be one of the best because the atmosphere is very supportive and not overflowing with a brawn over brains mentality. I hope to be training here for as long as possible.

David G

International Martial Arts Center Carrie B

I have been training at this school for over 2 years and it has been life changing. The sense of community at IMAC was apparent as soon as I walked through the door on my first day. Everyone who trains there is welcoming and open - and the respect for all is contagious. Grandmaster Hahn works with every student and he, along with all the black belt instructors, are some of the most inspirational teachers I have ever worked with. The curriculum is challenging (Taekwando and Hapkido) and the work-outs definitely keep you fit and flexible. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for an all-around place to grow yourself (or begin your journey) as a martial artist.

Carrie B

International Martial Arts Center Katie R

I was looking for a sport that I wouldn't be sick of after few months. I have a very short attention span and was really sick of going the gym. It was by chance that I found IMAC but I've been committed ever since that first class. The primary focus of the school is tae kwon do, but it also combines various other disciplines such as Hapkido and Sundo. The positive energy from Grandmaster Hahn permeates the dojang and encourages everyone to learn and practice the art at their peak. It's not just a place to learn how to punch and kick (there is a lot of that too) It's a place where you can learn a whole new way of living.

Katie R

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