Welcome 2018 - A New Year For Training!

To all of our Friends, Families, Fellow and Future Martial Artists - Happy New Year!!! 

The Dojang has been a whirlwind of activity over these first few weeks of 2018, with a steady influx of new students staying on - attending regularly following intro classes and enjoying the challenges and rewards of their efforts to constantly improve and learn new things.  We've had successful Promotion Tests for both Kids and Adults, with many students advancing to the next level.  Their pride in accomplishment is evident, and matched by the pride we have in the results of their hard work and dedication to the art. 

Our program of intense training, balanced with breathing and relaxation techniques, provides a unique structure that helps us to develop physically, mentally and spiritually; our classes are filled with enthusiastic students, focused on improving themselves and supporting each other. 

We will be celebrating the first anniversary at our new home in March, and look forward to the longer days ahead suffusing our Dojang with light and energy.  Congratulations to all of our recently promoted students; we welcome also our new students, and look forward to a great year ahead - Pilsung!

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