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Kids Martial Arts

Martial arts is a great way to get kids to become passionate about physical fitness and health. After spending so much of their day sitting in a class room this is a way for them to become active and exercise while working towards a goal!

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Adult Martial Arts

If you want to get in amazing shape, while also learning vital self-defense moves, then Adult Martial Arts in New York City is for you! We guarantee to whip you into amazing shape while also building your character and self-discipline.

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Self Defense

If you are looking for a wide mixture of Martial Arts and Self-Defense Training, you'll find it at International Martial Arts Center in New York City. Our Martial Arts curriculum combines traditional moves and techniques of martial arts while also teaching you valuable self defense skills that will keep you safe.

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Learn exciting self defense techniques in Manhattan with Karate classes at International Martial Arts Center. Whether you are new to martial arts, or are well on you way to becoming a black belt we can help you take your skills to the next level!

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By combining combat and self defense techniques, our Taekwondo course in New York City is the perfect way to get in great shape and go home safely!

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Our Hapkido classes here in Midtown can help you stay safe in any situation and face life with complete self-confidence. We're proud to help men and women all across the city take on the incredible at of Hapkido.

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Birthday Parties

Birthday parties at International Martial Arts Center are the event of the year! You can be sure your child and his or her friends will have the time of their lives in Midtown Manhattan and walk away with lifelong memories. Reserve your spot today!

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Private Training

Take advantage of our Private Training in Midtown Manhattan. We're offering people of all ages and experience levels the chance to learn one-on-one with a dedicated professional and enjoy individualized instruction!

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